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Getting back into blogging and writing this year has not been so easy, but the several events and scenes that occurred to me actually made me stronger in embracing my true self and building more on the positive. Everyone agrees with me that we all struggle at a point in life but moving ahead irrespective of what the challenges might be, the key to dealing with real life issues , keep pushing hard and never stopping is what shows the real strength that lies beneath each and everyone of us.

i never actually knew i could pick myself up so fast after going through  some terrible setbacks recently but God came through for me , and he placed me towards a nice and healthy direction. I actually decided to keep my circle small and search out for those who lifts my spirit up and set my soul on fire. one of these ones is @real_drip (instagram) who actually acted as a true brother  times i was down. we are actually brand mates now simply because of the passion we both had and choose to show nothing but dedication and seriousness to the dreams and goals we choose to embrace.

so the lesson i  learned so far about life is don't just try to fit into the crowds or multitude of people simply because you want to feel among, try to find your own space and build more on it, always believe in yourself and make sure you try to associate with the right set of people and it doesn't mean they have to be much , you can always keep your circle small, then in time it emerges.

Denim jacket : @td_wears (instagram)
Models : @jef_official & @real_drip (instagram)

Photography :  oladex  (@oladexcreativeiconfilms)

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  1. Thanks anonymous, would really like it if u can write your name next time


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